Earlier today, the Cardinals announced that Paul DeJong had suffered a fractured left hand during last night’s game, and will head to the 10-day disabled list. Word on the street is that he’s going to need surgery and will miss significant time. Matt Bowman is also headed to the 10-day DL with blisters on his slingin’ hand.

I noticed last night that when Paul was hit by the pitch that broke his hand, he didn’t react, and Dan McLaughlin was upset that he didn’t sell it. DeJong’s facial expression didn’t even change. I detect that whatever else this injury might prove, it certainly shows that Paul DeJong is a stoic fella.

Yairo Munoz and Tyler O’Neill have been called up to replace DeJong and Bowman. Who gets DeJong’s starts in his absence? Depends on who you ask…

I don’t know, maybe I’m burying the lede here… “Internal conflict erupts over DeJong’s replacement” is much more dramatic.

DeJong and Bowman join this motley crew on the DL:

Fantasy Baseball Player Injury Updates | MLB.com 2018-05-18 19-38-25.png

Hurry back, boys.

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