St. Louis Bullpen has been in existence for about a month, and as site founder, I couldn’t be prouder of the collective work of this group of writers. We went from zero to posts (usually several) daily. That said, we hope to expand our operations a bit.

After discussing it with the current staff, we have decided that we want to bring new blood into the organization. The primary focus is on bringing in somebody willing and able to write game recaps, but those in all facets will be considered.

If you are interested in being part of the St. Louis Bullpen (no, you won’t be usurping Greg Holland), please e-mail me at with the following information.

  • Your name (optional: include social media handles)
  • Why you want to write for St. Louis Bullpen
  • What specifically you want to do on the site (game recaps, analysis, series previews, something more off the wall, a combination, etc.)
  • Your availability (how many articles you can write per week, what days of the week you can write recaps/whether you have availability for day games, night games, or both). We have a fairly informal schedule with some writers writing more than others so a small window of available times is not necessary a disqualifier.
  • Provide an example of something you’ve written before. It can either be the full text of a post or a link to something which already exists. It doesn’t have to be baseball-related, but showing an ability to analyze baseball is obviously a great thing to demonstrate. If you do not have experience writing or do not have any handy, I would recommend writing a sample recap of an upcoming Cardinals game. Also, please specify the date of the post if not indicated on the post–if your sample is from 2017, that is fine, but it’ll probably be confusing if you are referring to “Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn”.

There is no deadline on submitting, but the earlier you submit, the better for all involved. If you’re unsure and have some questions, contact me through email (johnjf125 at gmail), Twitter (@johnjf125 or @STLBullpen), or through the site’s Facebook page (

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