Back in May, I told you about the real superstar coming over from Japan’s NPB, Miles Mikolas. Two months later, his main competition in that category has given up pitching.

Meanwhile, All-Star rosters have been announced, and Mikolas is the lone Cardinal to represent his team at the ASG. Here’s his wife Lauren’s reaction:

Mikolas’s inclusion is well-deserved, as he has continued to defy even the most optimistic preseason expectations. Miles has been the Cardinals’ most consistent and productive starter this year, producing 2.3 fWAR and 2.8 bWAR to date and leading the NL in walk rate. No word yet on whether he plans to participate in the Home Run Derby a week from today.

Alex Turpin discussed some other Cardinals candidates for the ASG way too early, and predictably, baseball ate his predictions’ lunches. Pham struggled, Carlos Martinez got injured and had a rough patch on his return, Paul DeJong missed a bunch of time with a broken pinkie finger that he apparently didn’t even notice at the time, Luke Weaver has been up and down all year, Bud Norris can’t get no love, and Jose Martinez has been so historically one-dimensional that his awful defense has shrouded a brilliant offensive campaign. Turp got one thing right:

I predict that Miles Mikolas will keep up his remarkable efficiency enough that he’ll get one of the last pitcher spots.

Good job, Turp.

Kind of surprising omission: Despite an excellent bounceback campaign with the bat, and perhaps partly due to an extended DL trip with an “unspecified traumatic groin region” injury, Yadier Molina was passed over. Looking at the leaderboards though, Willson Contreras has irritatingly been a bit better than Molina across the board, and commissioner pick J.T. Realmuto has been far better than any other catcher in baseball this year at basically everything. (The player’s ballot pick of Buster Posey over Molina is an affront to human decency, and I don’t really want to talk about it.)

The Cardinals have a shot at adding Matt Carpenter to the roster through MLB’s Final Vote promotion. It’s hard to say he wouldn’t be a worthy inclusion, but he faces some very stiff competition from Max Muncy, Jesus Aguilar, Brandon Belt, and Trea Turner. Muncy and Aguilar have that new-car smell still hanging around them, and if I had to guess, I’d say Muncy will probably take the final vote; Carpenter has been second to none for the last month and a half though, righting the ship dramatically after a prolonged dry spell to start the year. You can vote here. I’m not saying you have a duty to vote for Carpenter, but I mean, you should probably do it. I know I am.

I kind of hate the ASG, but a lot of that is related to its former gratuitous attachment to home-field advantage. Now that that’s been fixed, hopefully this will be a fun exhibition game where Miles Mikolas gets a little time in the spotlight after turning in a great first half. don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured don’t get injured

2 thoughts on “All-Star rosters announced: Mikolas going to D.C., Carpenter hopes to join after Final Vote

  1. I would watch the pre-HR derby bullshit (but not the derby) if’n they was a lizard eatin’ contest. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…


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